The youngest of six children, totally different from them all, but raised with a common thread of love, Leslie Lowe has pursued her gifts from the Heavenly Father her whole life to find her place in a world that at times can seem so empty and lonely.

She has a varied background including a bachelor’s of science degree in education from Duquesne University and an associates degree in marketing management from Community College of Allegheny College.  Her work experience has included anything from education, retail, law to non-profit causes.  This has gifted her with many skills and allowed her to meet many people from different backgrounds and all walks of life, which gave her the chance to see God in many places.

Being creative has always been a part of who the Heavenly Father has gifted her to be.  Pursuing her creative talents, she has her own handmade card making business, Positive Elegance, which she put on the back burner when she became a mom to her wonderful son, Isaac.  Making handmade cards is something she may still pursue in the future, but God has put other more pressing things on her calendar.   Needlepoint and sewing are also close to her heart and she is hoping to pursue making and selling some of her creations in the future. She recently started to grow African violets and hopes to dabble at hybridizing them in the future once her baby plants become adults.

Currently, she is pursuing writing historical Christian fiction novels, greeting card verse and helping others to connect with the Heavenly Father in an intimate and personal way through spiritual journaling, prayer, and finding their own gifts from Him.  Her desire is that readers will learn history and gain hope and encouragement through reading her stories.

Married 26 years to her wonderful husband and soul mate, Ken who encourages her to pursue her gifts and talents, Leslie hopes to help others identify their spiritual gifts and talents through the blog posts on this site.  When not writing or crafting, Leslie enjoys spending time with Ken, their son, Isaac, Zoe Grace, a two-year old Frenchton, and Blaze, a gorgeous blue Beta fish.

Leslie enjoys hearing from her readers.  Please leave a comment on the blog, so she knows how to reach and reply to you.

Angel 3

Jesus FishBlessings to you, Leslie Bible 1


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